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GOLDSTEIN SANITATION LTD is a family company founded in 1963. We specialize in advanced environmental solutions for heavy industries and operate in all pertinent fields; vacuuming of liquids, oils & hazardous materials, transportation, handling, industrial cleaning, and boutique manufacturing of specialized heavy vehicles for sanitation.

Goldstein is one of the leading environmental services companies in Israel, serving the prominent and most demanding industries in the governmental and private sector. In over 50 years of experience, Goldstein has acquired immense knowledge and an outstanding reputation. Our customers enjoy our vast experience, liability and proficiency combined with a constant ambition for innovation.


We are pleased to lead the technological forefront of environmental solutions in Israel.

לחץ גבוה


Our client base includes the leading organizations in the Israeli industry and governmental sector.

PAZ Refinery
Delek Ind
Israel Electric
Ministry of Defence
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