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Goldstein - Leading Service Provider for Israeli Elite Industry.

Our Experience is Your Gain - Environmental Solutions Tailored to your Needs.


We specialize in operating in diverse environments and unique settings: height, confined spaces, sub-terrain, open areas and huge containers, to name a few. Our teams are capable and well trained - not only for the task at hand, but also in safety, health and environmental protection.

On top of that, we utilize our vast assets in specialized equipment - choosing the right tools for every task,  and using creative idesa for building specific tools to fully serve your needs.


Given our deep experience and vast network, we know how to accomplish complicated tasks on a large scale - in short timelines - and on short notice, when required.


Among the Industries and organizations we serve are the Israeli Defence Ministry, Israeli  Israeli Electricity Company, Israeli Water Company, Israeli Military Industries, Oil Refineries, and more.

לחץ גבוה

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